Late Ava, 15th C  

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Ceremonial Helmet
Period : ca 15th Century, Ava ( Inwa )
Gold, decorated with gems, raised and further embellished with repoussé and incising work.
Dimension : Height 19.7 cm
Diameter 21.5 cm
Current Location : Victoria & Albert Museum, UK
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This head-dress set with jewels formed part of a gold hoard dating to the 15th/16th century Mon Kingdom of Pegu (see Model Pagoda 02755(IS)). It was excavated in 1855 from a stupa relic chamber at the base of the Shwe Dagon, Rangoon. It is believed to be the ceremonial helmet worn by the famed Mon Queen Shin-saw-bu (r.1453-1460) as she progressed through her royal city of Pegu. Shaped like a turban the dome is moulded to possibly fit a coiled length of hair which was held in place by the long pin passed through the holes at the base. The unusual appendage with the lozenge shaped depression may have held a jewel and was worn to the front over the queen's nose.

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