Buddha and Narargiri Elephant, Bagan 10th C  

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Bagan 10th C

Height 33 cmWidth 19 cmDepth 7.5 cm

Museum number ( Victoria & Albert Museum )

This sculpture represents a famous incident in the life of the Buddha when he subdued the drunk and enraged elephant Nalagiri which had been unleashed on him by the evil king Ajatasattu. Attendant monks look on while the newly tamed elephant kneels before the Buddha. This relief was excavated, together with others illustrating the different scenes from the Buddha's life, in the vicinity of the Shwe-nyaung-bin-yo monastery at Hmawza, Burma (now Myanmar) in 1938-9. Stylistically these reliefs appear to provide the bridge between the Pyu art of the ancient Sri Ksetra and the Mon-Burmese art of Pagan.

The question is....... Found in 1938 but who bring out of Burma and How ?

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Bagan Sculptures are very similer to Pala style 10th C India, Hair, Eye, Face, Ears, Details carving and Mudra. Some museum in USA are still stating for some statue that 10th C Bagan or Pala.
But my personal point of view,30% of statue are influenced by Pala India in Early Bagan Period, but most are different and being on their own style, more calm, strong and charming.

January 11, 2009 at 11:34 PM

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