Votive seal 9-10th C ( Burma )  

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This votive seal shows a seated Buddha expounding the law. It originated in Prome, Burma (now Myanmar), and dates to the Pyu period (9th to 10th century).

Subject - Votive seal

Place of origin - Burma ( Made )

Date - 9th- 10th Century ( Made )

Materials -Terracotta

Material and Techniques- Elliptical buff clay

Current Location - Victoria & Albert Museum

Museum number- IS.130-199

Physical description - A votive seal with a seated Buddha expounding the law.


Height: 8.8 cm
Width: 7.8 cm
Diameter: 2.5 cm

Descriptive line - A votive seal with a seated Buddha expounding the law, Pyu, Prome, Burma.

Production Type and Product Note -Unique

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