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Chris allowed me to post this Unique photo in my blog. He have taken this photo in V&M museum, because of unusual portion.

I can confirm that the " Mudra " is " Dhamacarkranmudra" .

Asanas is " Pralambana`sana ". This mudra and asanas have been confirmed that since Pyu, about 4-5 AD. As Chris said, this pieces is unusual but its' not rare.

ye dhamma` hetuppabuava`

tesam hetum tatha`gato

a`ha tesan` ca yo nirodho

evamva`di maha`samano

which is means

The condition which arise from a cause, of these the Tatha`gata has stated the cause, also the way of suppressing these same: this is the teaching of the Great Ascetic ( Buddha ).

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