Minister's military court costume  

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Object-Minister's military court costume
Date-ca. 1878-1885
Techniques-Velvet and silk, with gold brocade, gold-thread embroidery and silver-gilt sequins

Place-Mandalay (City), Burma
(Minister's military court robe) Length 123 cm (shoulder to hem)
(Minister's military court robe) Width 36 cm (across shoulders)
(Minister's military court robe) Length 55 cm (sleeves)
(Jacket) Length 65 cm (shoulder to hem)
(Jacket) Width 43 cm (across shoulders)
(Collar (neckwear)) Circumference 45 cm (approx.)
Current Location- Victoria & Albert Museum
Museum number-IS.256 to B-1960

This ceremonial military costume of gold encrusted green and plum velvet was specially styled for a minister who served King Thibaw (r.1878-1885), the last king of the Konbaung Dynasty, at the Court of Mandalay. Consisting of a long fitted robe, separate sleeveless jacket and spectacular "cloud collar". The quality of the velvet, its colour and degree of gold decoration defined the minister's rank, which he had been awarded by the King.

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