1826 (painted)  

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Date-1826 (painted)
Techniques-Watercolour on paper

Height 11.5 cm
Width 9 cm
Current Location- Victoria & Albert Museum
Museum number-IS.58-1964

The pictures made by Indian artists for the British in India are called Company paintings. An artist from Calcutta, who accompanied the British Commissioners to Malun, Burma, in 1825-1826, probably painted this one. They had gone there for a conference with the king and representatives of the Burmese government. War with Burma broke out in 1824 and dragged on until February 1826. This was when the Treaty of Yandaboo began the transfer of Burmese territories, which continued until 1886. The Governor-General, Lord Amherst, and the Burmese Kinwun Mingi (Prime Minister) attended the conference of Malun, which paved the way for this treaty.

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