Hat Si-bon  

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Object- HatSi-bon
Date-3rd quarter 19th century
Techniques-Velvet, with silver-gilt tinsel, gold braid and silver-gilt openwork
Dimensions- Circumference 62 cmHeight 26 cm

Current Location - Victoria & Albert Museum
Museum number- IPN.2633

This head-dress, known as a si-bon in Burmese, formed part of the ceremonial costume worn on state occasions by a senior female member of the Konbaung Court, such as a minister's wife, in the second half of the 19th century. This si-bon of black velvet is edged with gold and decorated with gilt tinsel flower heads and surmounted by a gilt openwork finial. It is shaped like a close fitting cap and would have covered the ears. It lifts slightly at the back to allow for a coil of hair. Strict sumptuary laws applied to every aspect of life at the court of the Konbaung Dynasty (1752-1885). This head-dress would have been worn at a key event at which prince's ministers and their wives appeared in costumes which defined the rank they had been awarded by the king. Its style, decorative elements and the robe with which it was worn would have established the wearer's position within the hierarchy of the Konbaung Court

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