1850 Burmese woman's skirt  

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Object-Woman's skirt, Hta-mein
Date- ca. 1850
Techniques- Silk luntaya ('100 shuttles' interlocking tapestry weave) cloth and cloth of plain cotton weave

Length 145 cm
Width 106 cm
Current Location-Victoria & Albert Museum
Museum number-9756(IS)

This beautifully patterned cotton and silk wrap skirt known as a hta-mein, dating to before 1855, would have been worn by a fashionable Burmese woman of the time on festive occasions. She would have worn it overlapping slightly in the front, revealing a portion of her leg as she walked. It would have formed part of an ensemble, as depicted, with a jacket (5623(IS)) and a breast cloth (IM.10-1909). Typical of hta-mein, the central area is the focus of decorative interest and displays the unique horizontal wave patterned "100 shuttles" interlocking tapestry weave known in Burmese as acheik-luntaya in greens, blues, yellow and white on a red ground. From this flows a striped pink train, the graceful management of which was an acquired skill.

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