SHORT PIPE ( Late 18th C Burmese Classic Poem)  

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A pipe ... a puff...
short as a finger...
I give you
for smoking.

" If I do not take it
you will think me crude
If I accept it
you will think I like you.

If you want me
to smoke it
put it near the bed,
my dear one. "

Poet name: Mae Khwe

Mae Khwe was the daughter of the Mayor of Sittaung and she was married to Maung Swe. When King Bodawpaya ascended the throne in 1782 C.E, Mae Khwe became a Court Poetess.

In Burmese version as below, please download zawgyifont and install if you cant see Burmese Font/Language.

ေဆးတံတို တညိႈးေလာက္ ၊ ေရာ့ေသာက္ေတာ့ေပး၊
မယူလိုက္က မိုက္လို႕ထင္ ၊ ယူလိုက္ျပန္က ၾကိဳက္လို႕ထင္၊
ေသာက္ေစခ်င္၊ ကုတင္တြင္ ေထာင္ခဲ့ကြဲ႕၊
ညိဳႏြဲ႕ရဲ့ေလး ။ ။

စာဆို- မယ္ေခြ

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