8th - 10th C Pyu Buddha Votive plaque  

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Object types - Plaque

Materials - Terracotta
Techniques- Moulded
Production place- Made in Burma (Pyu)

Date - 8thC-10thC (this date according to Guy 2002; Luce suggests 10th-11thC)

Terracotta votive plaque, pressed from a mould and depicting the Buddha of the past, the historical Buddha, and a bodhisattva, according to Luce, Maitreya. The plaque is shaped in an arch-like structure and the three figures are seated on lotus thrones below which are decorative designs. On the reverse can be seen the veins of a leaf, probably of a peepul tree, on which the plaque has been pressed while drying.

Inscription Type: inscription
Inscription Script: Pyu
Inscription Position: bottom
Inscription Language: Pyu
Inscription Transliteration: Budha mga: psu: khnu
Inscription Comment: for transliteration see Luce 1969; p100

Inscription Type: inscription
Inscription Script: English
Inscription Position: reverse
Inscription Language: English
Inscription Content: U Mya 105
Inscription Comment: written in red felt-tip pen. This probably refers to figure 105 in a book on terracotta votive tablets.

Height: 8 centimetres
Width: 6.5 centimetres

Current Location - British Museum, London
Condition - Good

Curator's comments
Bibliography: Guy 2002 Burma, Art and Archaeology; Chapter 3. Offering up a rare jewel. p.28, fig 3.7. BMP.

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