Burmese Earth Goddess  

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sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture
Mandalay Period, 19th Century
carved wood lacquered and gilded with red lacquer on the bodice of the base
Current Location- Northern Illinois University Collections
h. 15 11/16 in., w. 6 7/8 in., d. 3 in.

Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1986

Earth Goddess wringing her hair, wooden, lacquered and gilded. Red lacquer on bodice and base. Gilded figure is seated with her legs tucked up under her. Dexter arm is straight at her side holding her hair near the ground. The sinister arm grasps her hair on the top of her head. The hair itself is pulled up in one long strand and loops over and down the dexter side along the outside of the arm, the tip of the strand is held between thumb and forefinger of the dexter hand. Large ears with circular earrings. Large almond-shaped eyes. Lips are red. Wearing a long jacket with circular and flower motifs impressed on it. Bodice is red and skirt has vertical bands of geometric decorative motifs impressed onto it. Base is plain. Upper half is red and lower half is black. Red is painted over the black.

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